Caring Hands, a non-political, non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO), was founded in OCT 25, 2011 in Islamabad as ( 1659/4 ) under the Trust Act .We Strive to care those who cant afford to live a normal life.We have no association with any other organziation.We only operate by Donor fundings.

• To facilitate and assist the community to make sure better Education.
• To organize village development committees (VDCs) to take survey, identify problems, formulate small projects and implement development programs.
• To help poor in different way and aspects for poverty alleviation.
• To carry on research on various aspects of sustainable development.
• To carry awareness among community for betterment of their environment and agriculture.
• To organize seminars, workshops, forums to discuss and documents  the deliberations on different developmental issue.

Who We Are

We are a group of professionals striving to bring something good to community.So far we are getting it at great pace and expect to cater more areas very soon.

What We Do

We collect funds from Donors and allocate them to needy people after deep consideration.Just to make sure only needy people are getting what they deserve.We have very strict policy to allocate funds hence it is one of the reason of our success.We have a dedicated team to take care of funds and have complete database of all transactions and events.

Our Team:

Syed Yasrab ali shah
Master in Business Administration
Director Operations

Haris Ali Shah
Master in Business Administration
Manager Accounts – Caring hands

Muhammad Sufyan Khan
BE Chemical.Dawood College of Engineering and Technology
Manager International Relations


Khushal Khan Khattak
PHD – Environmental Sciences
Manager Public relations

Khubaib Amjad Alam
PHD research Fellow- FSKTM, University of Malaya
Manager International Relations

Saqib Shehzad


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